Dog carrier : how to choose?

The bunch of a dog must include many elements of which the necessary dog carrier. Unlike the lead – reserved for the daily exits in the urban middle, the dog carrier will allow you to do exits longer and to travel serenely with your companion.

Recommendations of products

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What usefulness for the dog?

The first purpose of the dog carrier remains the accompaniment of the owner during its trips, that it is by car, by train, by boat or else by air. For the dogs of small sizes, she can also be used for exits in a shorter length than a trip.
However, the dog carrier can also prove to be very much useful for when of visits at the veterinary surgeon if this one must devote himself to an intervention on your animal.

It is also used for dogs introducing certain problems of behaviour: the very anxious or else destructive dogs because the restricted space which it introduces is reassuring for the dog. Far from feeling locked up, your animal will feel there on the contrary in security because he will have less than areas to be watched. Received as a shelter, the dog carrier will then be able to act even as sleeping arrangements.

Besides, she can be a significant tool during the study of cleanness. In effect, it will help the young pup to stop herself. It is also very rare to see a pup mucking up its dog carries.

How to choose the best product?
To choose the best dog carrier as your companion, several criteria are to take into account:

– the size of your dog
– the used material
– the type of closing
– the usefulness which you like to make
– ventilation

As much as your dog will spend a lot of time it, the dog carrier will have to certainly be comfortable. For it, the choice of the good dimension is important. Say that your dog will have to be able to turn around and get up in his carrier. As spots, know that this one will have to make the size of your animal at least 1 and a half time.

There are this day different forms and of materials of dog carriers: bags, baskets, on castors important remains solidity. The carrier of your dog will have to last in time and resist to its behaviours sometimes destructive.

  • For the biggest dogs, the choice of a career in metal will be more judicious. In effect, this type of carriers has the advantage to be light and easy to wash. Besides, it proves to be ideal for the animals suffering from anxiety of separation as much as the visual contact with the master is never interrupted. In effect, dog carriers in metal constitute only carriers in reality with rungs without roof obstructing view. However, certain dogs can have a tendency to nip rings a lot, being able to so get damaged teeth.
  • The bags of transport in cloth have the advantage to be disassembled and, therefore, to form a line easily. On the other hand, they are reserved for the small dogs, are not very solid and, therefore, easy to damage by nibbling.
  • The plastic carriers, they, remain ideal resolution for the urban dogs. They are disassembled and very easy too to clean.

If you expect frequent exits by car, some models offer forms adapted to the concierge of chests for more easiness of transport.

To resist to the tries of running away of the animal, doors must be extremely resistant. You can choose between a closing with slide (notably in the case of the bags of transport), in handles, rivets or else by pop videos. Norms IATA impose a closing on handles anti-run away and centralized.

Whatever is the model for which you opt, do not forget to prove that the conditions of ventilation are best to guarantee the comfort of your animal.

Circumspection of job

The young pup must be accustomed to its dog carrier from most youth. For more easiness, you can attract it to it by putting a toy or a few croquettes there. Besides, if your dog is accustomed to being in the presence of his career permanently, this one will not be linked to unpleasant things such as punishments or else visits at the veterinary surgeon, reducing his stress so.

 If you expect a trip by air, boat or train, know that the regulations of transport of animals are very strict today. From a certain size, you will be in obligation to give a carrier in norms IATA. Numerous marks offer it. It is therefore comparatively easy to get it. They have disadvantage nevertheless to be much more expensive than other carriers.

For more comfort, you can add a coverage or a mattress on the soil of the carrier.

Never put a padlock on the carrier of your dog. In the event of an accident, it would be then difficult to help it.

If you move by car, remember to leave your only dog never in the vehicle. Also, for long itineraries, watch to offer every 2 hours to your animal of water, especially in a period of big warmth or when there is heating a lot and to bring to him a place where to make his needs.

Where to find this product?

The animal boxes of transport are very easy to get. You will think it certainly there will be animalcule or on The Internet, notably on the site Amazon.

How much does it cost?

The price of an animal box of transport varies according to size, according to used material and certainly according to the mark.
  •  For the ordinary animal boxes, rely on 20$ (for the small dogs) in 200$.
  • Animal boxes in norms IATA are more expensive on the other hand: from 150$ to 400$

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