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    DISCLAIMER: the resolution of the collar anti-bark is to choose only facing the failure of less coercive options such as the dressage of the dog and possibly consulting a behaviorist which will be able to help to improve the relationship of your dog with his environment. There are other numerous attachments to be upstream tested and being able to give also obvious results.

Barking and communal life

The community life when one has a pet can sometimes be problematic. Indeed, a dog left alone during the day can quickly become a source of annoyance to our neighbors by barking.

Similarly, sometimes very anxious dogs tend to bark inadvertently when confronted with the slightest suspicious noise, which can quickly become extremely unpleasant for us, their masters, and therefore, affect our relationship with them.

Knowing how to find the reasons for the barking to treat them is essential to keep up "peace" with your dog ... and your neighbors!

 Understand barking

Before choosing a resolution to struggle against the repetitive barking of your pet, it is necessary to find the reason of his barking: alarm, warning, play or by need.

In other words, your dog sends you a message which it is necessary to understand.
  • Does it get bored?
  • Is it anxious?
  • Does it feel taken in a trap behind rungs or a window?
  • Are there other animals nearby?
They do not change the behavior of an animal put on edge similarly than that of an animal who is not stimulated enough.

Once reason was found, several options will present themselves to you but all rest on the same principle: re-education. However, this one will be efficient on the condition of operating on a behavior taken on fact and correct version in a systematic manner.

This can range from simple bone to gnaw to occupy the canine behaviorism sessions, via sprays, medical treatment, and other methods can be extremely aggressive, and therefore, unsavory.

Before coming to a decision, consult a veterinary surgeon. It will the best be to put to confirm your hypotheses and to guide you towards the most proper resolution for your dog.

The collar anti-bark: what for?

This collar is  now the source of many debates can found on many forums, mainly due to ignorance of the masters on their operation. Indeed, correct behavior in a dog can sometimes be difficult and many sites offer some radical solutions, generating fear of causing pain to the animal.

To make sure its effectiveness, it must sure that your dog has not suffered abuse before (what can happen when adopting a dog already old shelters), it is not locked all the time and especially understand the cause of his barking or risk seeing the problem back indefinitely or manifested by other equally troublesome symptoms such as compulsive licking, droppings in places of life or self-harm or even exacerbation of aggressiveness.

With the collar we recommend, you can sure that removing the barking of your pet will be in compliance with its well-being. They will also have the advantage of not requiring your constant presence due to their automatic system.

What system of collar to choose?

There are not less than 5 systems of different collars:
  • System with  eventless  spray
  • System in the Citronelle
  • System with ultrasounds
  • System electrostatic / vibration
  • System for voice
We help you to see well there more to understand difference definitely between every system.

The anti-bark collar eventless spray

This collar is fitted with sound sensors. Each barking, it will emit an odorless spray just below the mouth of your pet, creating a surprise that will divert his attention. It, therefore, relies on the stimulating his hearing, his sight, and his touch. The spray emission being cold and wet, it causes discomfort that will soon be linked to the fact barking.
This type of collar is best suited for small to medium-sized dogs.

The anti-bark collar citronella

This collar is resting on the same principle as the previous one, except that this time the spray flavored in the citronella, smell like little dogs. It has the advantage of stimulating an extra sense: smell.

The collar anti-bark with ultrasounds

The operating of this collar is the same as for the spray collar. Sound sensors are activated when the dog barks and then trigger an unpleasant noise only seen by your pet. It is not to make it dull or punish painfully: ultrasound is assayed to cause the only discomfort that the dog will associate his barking quickly.

As soon as he stops barking, the sound will also stop. It is suitable for young dogs and those of small and is more effective when combined with behavioral remediation.

Warning: the collar does not have vibration sensors, it will react to all barking. So if you have multiple pets, be sure to use this necklace when others are absent.

The collar anti-bark electrostatic

Many of us are totally opposed to this kind of necklace, fearing too painful punishment. Fortunately, available today models allow instead to avoid this. Their operation rests on sound sensors and sensor vibrations produced by the vocal chords of your companion, which has the advantage of avoiding nuisance tripping at the slightest noise outside.

In every barking, progressive electrostatic pulse sending through diodes put to contact with the skin. Each dog showing a different sensibility, it is important to choose an adjustable collar to keep only the unpleasant sensation and not cause pain. That is why automatic models are to prescribe, and we will list in no on this website.
Due to the same system, this necklace is mostly suitable for medium and large dogs, and the dogs stubborn.

What are the advantages of the collar anti-bark?

These collars have quality to reduce stress both:

-of the master: it does not have to attend for days to correct the dog's behavior. You can see gradually reducing barking and go to work with peace of mind.
- of the dog: by adjusting the collar, well-being and safety are guaranteed.
- of the Neighbourhood: If the collar in combination with correction of dressage, the results will be quickly felt.

Is it dangerous for my dog?

No, anti-bark collars are not dangerous, provided you follow certain principles.
These collars rest on the provocation of a more or less unpleasant sensation to a scrum of surprise. Electric collars are of course handled with care. As masters and mistresses dogs, our priority is the respect and well-being of the animal.

The first days, it should check the reaction of your pet cope with this new collar so you can adjust the intensity of stimulation. Do not intervene except to praise when your dog stops barking.

In all cases, the bark collar remains a quick fix but it will make sure you are well removed regularly to avoid the usual effect.

Some collars can also cause irritation or necrosis when they are worn continuously. Therefore, the greatest period of wearing a bark collar is 8 hours and remains adjusted for each dog.

In what cases the collar is anti-barking discouraged?

Petsafe recommends not to use her collars on:
- puppies under 6 months
- pregnant or lactating bitches
- dogs with heart or major health problems or with disabilities preventing them from correctly answer given stimulation (blindness, age, injury ...)
- dogs with behavioral problems such as anxiety disorders (separation anxiety ...) or hyper aggressive.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to discuss with your veterinarian who will reassure you.

Where to buy a collar inexpensive anti-barking?

Available at pet stores, it is also possible to buy your anti-bark collar online Amazon.We recommend this solution for the following benefits:
- Choose from hundreds of references
- User access to advising to help you make the best choice
- Delivery within 24 to 48 hours
- Secure online payment
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