Buy a dog bed : how to choose?

You come to adopt a puppy or you plan to do and you build its key chain. To the side of the toys and bowls located the inevitable basket. But what is it used for? How to choose the good shopping basket for the dog?Is it suitable for all ages?
As many questions as the new masters arise and which we propose to you to respond to ease the arrival of your new companion to the House.

What usefulness for the dog?

A dog has a tendency to much to spend during the day and as we, he then need a place where to rest. The latter may be a simple carpet or a coverage posed to even the ground or yet the body of Transport that there will be left open.

However, a "true" dog bed built as it must allow your companion to refit in optimal comfort.It will help it to feel in security and to know where begins and stops its territory in comparison with that of his master, dominating it.

He will allow him to have his place where he knows that he will be able to have a rest without being bothered by untimely disturbances in any type (noise, passages, smells).

How to choose the best dog bed?

There are different baskets:

   - plastic
   - with a turned-up brim
   - softness
   - intended for promenades by bike

That with a turned-up brim remains the model of predilection because it gives the impression to the dog to be in an enclosed area, always reassuring. It delimits its territory and, therefore, reassure it. A thick basket, however, will have a tendency to be more showing the dirt and, due to the lightness of its material, will be moved to the liking of the movements of the dog, what can prove to be problematic for the owner.

The basket with a bike is reserved for the owners of small dogs eager to take their companion in the walk. This one is in general built of a solid material and can place at the front of the bike thanks to a system of very simple pop videos of use. Nevertheless, watch to respect weighty indication well supported maximum being on the packing of the product.

The choice of the material is very important. Plastic is particularly practical because it is resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. Nevertheless, think that your pup will be able to have a tendency to be teethed over. The osier as for him, although aesthetics, remains to disadvise. In effect, many are accidents resulting from ingestion of this material. Leather and wrong fur are to reserve for grown-up dogs having acquired the principles of cleanness and without the problem of destructive behaviour.

Numerous marks offer a tremendous number of motives and colours of clothes, each according to the master, of his tastes and his environment. Know nevertheless that clear colours are more showing the dirt than dark colours.

To guarantee comfort and ease of your companion, the basket must be adapted to its size. He must be neither too big or too small so that your dog feels encircled and reassured. To choose the good size, you only have to measure your animal of the tail in the muzzle and to add 10 - 20 cm: your dog will have to be able to stretch all his/her length in his basket if he wishes it.

Every model of the basket can be livened up with a mattress or with a cushion for more comfort.

To guarantee a good hygiene, opt for a washable model.

There are models of the basket at weak expense today. Nevertheless, this expense is accompanied in general by the use of materials of pitiful quality. It is better to opt therefore for a basket certainly a little dearer but which will resist to time and avoid you so buying one back regularly.

Circumspection of job

The osier and cushions in ship's apprentice are to disadvise owing to the too big risk of ingestion, what can cause serious damage. That's why it is necessary to prove regularly the state of wear of the basket. Do not hesitate to change a mattress beginning introducing holes or tears.

A happy dog is a dog sleeping in a clean basket. Cross the vacuum cleaner regularly and air cushions to eliminate from it hairs and possible rubbish brought back by your animal. Also, wash regularly cushions in 40°C. Nevertheless, the purpose is not to abolish the smell of your dog which, contrariwise, is intended to reassure it and will help it to identify its basket as its place. Also, think of atomising an antiparasitic spray regularly on all textile industry to tell the infestation by fleas or ticks and so of support your animal in good health.

To guarantee his ease put the basket in a calm place and away from passages or any source of the noise.

A dog remaining a sociable animal, he is sensitive to the functioning of a pack of hounds. As a result, his owner represents predominant sound. To respect this hierarchy, the basket will never have to be put in height.

Where to find this product?

Baskets for dog remain very easy to obtain. The standard models are available in the supermarket. Nevertheless, for one more wide range and a bigger quality, you can go to the pet store or find it on The Internet, notably on the site of Amazon.

How much does it cost?

A basic basket costs about fifteen euros for the cheaper. The most luxurious (leather) and the broadest (for the big dogs) can cost up to 100 $.
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