A Simple Look at Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are a great option for those that like to take their small dogs out on walks without having to put them on a leash or worry about them being able to keep up.  They also work great in hot climates where it may not be safe to have your dog run or even walk with you because of the temperatures.  There is a variety of strollers out there with different sizes and wheel configurations.

Four wheeled dog strollers are strollers that are designed to move at slower speeds and carry your furry friends with you on walks.  These strollers vary greatly in design.  They are a great and affordable way to make sure that your dogs can still experience the outdoors when they have health problems that prevent them from being able to walk easily.  Four wheeled dog strollers also tend to be able to hold more weight because it is distributed amount four posts and four wheels as opposed to three.

Pet strollers also work great as dog carriers.  They allow you to transport your dog in a way that does not need you to carry the box.  It is also more of a home to the dog because they are not in any kind of crate.  Whether big or small they will feel more natural going to vet in a stroller as opposed to a crate.  It is also a lot easier to get a stroller out of the car than to lift a carrier.

If you are looking to be able to push your dog along with you during a jog or run the best option for you will be a three-wheeled dog stroller.  Three wheeled dog strollers give a sportier frame and the single wheel in the front makes it better when turning at higher speeds.  You dogs will enjoy being able to ride in the stroller and look out while they are moving at faster speeds.

With a three-wheeled dog stroller, you can bring your pet with you when you are working out without having to worry about them keeping up or getting hurt.  You controller your speed and your dog will not be distracted by squirrels or any other wildlife.

Strollers are available for dogs of various sizes.  The easiest strollers to find are those for smaller dogs.  When smaller dogs are carried in a stroller one does not have to worry about them running off or getting investigated by larger animals.  They are safer inside a stroller.  Because of the familiar atmosphere of the stroller your dog will also be able to stay calmer when they are being pushed around stores and offices.

If you have more than one small dog you do not necessarily have to push around two strollers.  If you get a larger stroller designed for a larger dog you can transport more than one small dog at a time.  Utilizing a larger stroller to transport two dogs also gives your dogs the ability to have a friend.

For owners of larger dogs you do not need to worry, there are strollers that will fit your dogs too.  The largest dog stroller is capable of carrying dogs up to 115 pounds.  These strollers obviously will take up more room than your average stroller and will not fit in all smaller sized cars.  However, if your dog is injured or growing old they give the best platform to keep them outside.  Just consider how you are going to get your dog in the stroller if it is aging or injured.  You may have to be able to lift the dog.

Dog strollers work great for humans that are older, sick, or injured too.  By using a dog stroller, you set your own pace meaning that you will not get pulled around by your dogs.  It also keeps dogs from wandering so that you do not have to worry about controlling dogs that have a short attention span.  The handles even give humans something to lean against while they are walking.

While out in the public some larger dogs can scare other people.  Having a dog stroller for larger dogs gives the dog somewhere to be that is out of sight.  The old phrase goes “out of sight out of mind” and that is true.  If someone walks a covered dog through a store others are a lot less likely to notice.

Strollers are a great way to transport dogs.  Many people think that dog owners who use strollers are crazy but they have yet to experience what it is like to use a stroller.  The main benefits are that they help to age and injured dogs still experience the outdoors.  They do more than that, though, strollers also give a safe and easy way to transport your dog. 
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